Can machines make better decisions than humans?

With Jeopardy! winning supercomputers, Google driverless cars, Rethink Robotics robots which can be easily trained by grabbing them by the wrist and guiding the arm through the motions to be trained in, just to name a few  – there has been significant improvements in technology and robotics over the years.

Given the flaws in our decision making abilities, with influences by emotions, personal biases, personal gains – there are probably areas where robots can make better decisions than humans. Yet on the other hand, the complex thoughts relating to taste, expressions through art are probably challenging to be replaced by robots.

Innovation is also something that is not “limited” – and there is room for us all to continue in the pursuit of further innovative advancements and push on on the existing boundaries.

Let us all see the opportunities for the next phase of technological advancements, beyond purely the replacement of jobs by robots – and equip ourselves in advance with the necessary skills.

Learn smart, learn flexibly.


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