Girls and coding

The importance of including women in coding work cannot be denied – for both diversity purposes, as well as from projections of a shortage of ICT workers in the future. Three tech giants – namely Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are investing to attract women into technology, with Google’s funded program amounting to US$50 million! Furthermore, women gamers now make up a larger proportion of gamers than teenage boys! It definitely makes sense for women to be also part of the design and development of games.

To get girls interested in coding, Sarah Boyd, STEM educator highlighted the following in issue 66 of Education Technology Solutions:

  • The coding should achieve something girls are interested in;
  • Physical environment is important e.g. Star Wars posters in computer labs;
  • Provide specific positive feedback;
  • Have positive role models, as well as field trips

There are also sources to tap on for guiding children in coding. These include:

Have fun getting your children started in coding.

2015-08-05 Blog post girls code

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