Make doing homework a little easier… with 5 steps!

1. Leave no doubts unanswered.

If you have any questions in class on the topics, be sure to approach your teacher, to clear up your understanding. Don’t let your uncertainty grow and multiply with the days. For tuition in Singapore, you could ad-hoc help on specific topics from us at:

2. Make a plan

Estimate how long you need to complete your homework and when you need to hand it in. This helps you plan when you can put in the hours, while factoring your other activities like ECAs. Avoid last minute work to take out the stress!

3. Location to do your homework

Make sure this is free of distraction!

4. When stuck…?

Try to work out a solution as best as you can. If you cannot find a solution, jump to the other questions first. If you are exhausted already, take a short break to clear your mind.

5. Still stuck?

Don’t be shy to get help, just be sure you have a good understanding of the topic and clarify all your doubts! Otherwise, school topics likely build on previous topics and your doubts may just snowball!

Girl doing homework

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