Get into active learning… today!

Active learning is important, and is a good habit to get into especially if there is a lot of material to cover for your subject of study. It helps you to more efficiently cover the material you need for the examinations.

To learn actively, you would need to:

  • Understand how the parts of a topic fit together, into the big picture;
  • Identify which are the most important parts of the material;
  • Commit to memory the information; and
  • Apply what you have learnt, through practice questions, quizzes or trying to explain this to your friend

To see the big picture how everything comes together, some of you may find preparing summaries useful, and others may prefer mind maps. To commit to memory the material, regular revision of the material would be helpful rather than leaving things to just shortly before the examination.

Active learning also means taking an investigative approach towards the study material, and raising questions on the topics whenever in doubt.

2015-09-02 Focus.001

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Homework Elves encourages you to take an active approach to studying – study smart, get homework help when needed – don’t let schoolwork problems fester and grow!


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