Beyond tuition agency in Singapore

Yale law professor and author Amy Chua, is starting an after school enrichment centre in Singapore named Keys Academy. In my recollection, hours spent in my schooling days here in Singapore were mostly academic in nature, and as such opening up the older children from secondary and above, to soft skills training such as leadership skills and communications would be really useful to prepare the students for working life. Whilst times have changed from my days of schooling, and I do feel the younger people do speak up their views more these days, skills such as putting structure in laying out one’s views should also be good skills to pick up, beyond the pure academics.

The intent of Keys Academy is also to include robot building and coding programs, hence supporting and providing an alternative avenue to our government’s forward looking initiatives to introduce coding, under the “Code for change”.

Given that 70% of parents send their children for tuition in Singapore, I do hope the students would have the time to also develop other critical skills in preparation for the workplace, and also for personal development. As such, our aspiration remains to help students stay focused and only get after school help for what they need, rather than get tuition in Singapore broadly across. Get ad hoc help today at:

Keys Academy Amy Chua

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