Education… evolving beyond “pure academics” into smart learning

It is tremendously exciting to learn that businesses in the UK are increasingly interested to have an impact in shaping education. This takes into account how business changes are affecting our lives, with technology having an increasing impact and taking over simplified work, and for us to have to move towards more complex tasks such as creativity, management, testing and research – beyond pure technical skills.

In a news article from the information age, “63% of businesses surveyed would like industry to have more of a say in the STEM curriculum, as well as making a greater investment in the long term.” This can then reduce the skills gap for companies. Bringing dynamism and flexibility into the education system, such as through projects, encourages children to think along the lines of “why”, “how” and “what if” and get prepped with the skills needed for the future.

The article from the information age can be accessed at:

Homework Elves supports smart education – introducing critical thinking skills into schools, developing creativity and soft skills to be ready for the future.

Young student with virtual futuristic interface simulating digital blackboard.

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