Tutoring services in Singapore and Southeast Asia

Today Southeast Asia has become an important place for world affairs. Everyone is investing more and more here, including Singapore, foreseeing their enormous potential. When it comes to education the scenario is the same i.e. the education industry is booming and it is expanding its horizon.

With the education industry thriving, lots of students are heading towards this country for learning.  As a result, the tuition industry of Singapore has seen strong development. People here are spending more and more on tuition for their kids because they know the importance of a good education.

What are the reasons for which the tuition industry is growing?


One reason that can be cited for growing competition in these countries is the growing population. Every parent wants their kids to stay ahead of the rest and this is leading to a certain expansion of tuition industry. In addition to that, people are aware that the money they are spending for their kids to give them a good tuition will not be wasted. The tuition industry is promising to make a better future for the students and to some extent they are keeping up with the promises.


The scope for learning new languages might be cited as yet another reason for the rapid growth of the tutoring services. The people of the countries like China, Singapore, and South Korea understand that their kids should not just speak the local language, but must learn to know the foreign languages as well. Popular foreign languages like English, French, Spanish and German are given special importance in these countries and the parents send their kids to coaching centers so that they can learn these languages.


One of the most important reasons for the success of the tuition industry is that the teachers who are giving tuitions possess good qualifications. They are associated with schools and other educational institutions, which means they are equipped with updated knowledge and know the latest trends in the educational sector, as well as how best to tackle examination questions.


Education here is not transmitted through pen and paper only; students here get a good knowledge about all the latest technology associated with education, which are also implemented in schools. iPads are introduced to the classroom, and technology also goes into physical education – with the use of heart rate monitors specifically developed for the young. Assignments can also be uploaded onto schools’ e-learning portals.


Simply put, this means the “fear of losing”. Parents fear that their children may lose out in competition if they don’t join these tuition cells. That is why more and more students are joining the tuition classes every year.

The parents and the children know very well that, everything cannot be learned within the restricted school hours. So, they send their students for tuition so that they can either build a strong understanding of the school curriculum or learn something extra. This is why the tuition industry generated $1 billion in the last couple of years.  Moreover for the economy of the country to flourish, Singapore is also aiming at the higher value academic development for the future human resources of the country.


Credits pic: negotiationdojo.com


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