Key skills students need to develop to prepare for the future

Singapore is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Now we know that behind every flourishing economy is a developed human resource of the country. Similarly, Singapore is also trying out her best to develop the potential of each and every student to develop the economy of a country. As a result, the country is revamping the entire education system so that it matches the economic demand of the country.

Let us see what changes have been ushered in the curriculum:

1) Identifying students’ skills and abilities

The entire curriculum is based on identifying individual skills of the students. Singapore believes that every student has their own skill-set and that should be honed and developed so that they can contribute according to their potential to develop the economy of the future. Apart from that, it is focused on the holistic development of the students from every aspect- moral, physical, aesthetic, so that they can develop sound knowledge and perception.

2) Emphasis on Mathematics and Science

The Institute of Education from the University of London conducted a study which showed that the students of Singapore were at their best while dealing with subjects like Mathematics and Science. These two academic disciplines are also responsible for the development of science and technology, which in turn contributes to the country’s GDP.

3) Vocational Education

Since Singapore wants every student work better for the economic development, it is emphasizing on the development of vocational education. Students want to pursue such degrees which will provide them a job as soon as they graduate. Most of them are inclined to join banks or multinational corporations since they know that these two institutions will provide them with a higher salary and job security. As a result, importance is being given to incorporate a number of professional degrees in the college.

4) ICT

Digital education is transforming the education in Singapore. Students are getting more interested in pursuing education as they can handle the technology directly. The ICT provides updated knowledge to the students which prove beneficial in their future. Even organizations like Microsoft has come forward to support and contribute for Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision and launched the Code for Change program. This program is developed by Microsoft and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and is aimed to develop “computational thinking skills” among the next-generation students. The students through this program will develop analytical and differential thinking skills like those of the computers. It will help them immensely in today’s technology driven society. The human resources of Singapore will therefore, be able to contribute more towards developing a sound economy of the country.

In conclusion, we can say that the Government of Singapore is investing a lot in the education sphere, so that the students learn the fundamental skills required for the development of the students to meet the future economic needs. The students are also flocking to the tuition centres which have grown in every nook and corner of the country to put in that extra effort to do better. The parents, too, believe in the proverb “money breeds money”. They are spending more money to get their children equipped with the latest knowledge so that they can make a valuable contribution to the future economy of the country.

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