Code for change in Singapore

Singapore is one of the developing countries in South-East Asia which is increasingly relying on the development of education for the benefit of the students. We already know that the country believes in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for disseminating education. As an aid to this, tech giant Microsoft has partnered with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and launched the Code for Change Program for the students.

What is this program all about?

Microsoft claimed that this program is aimed at the cognitive development of the next generation student of Singapore. It is aimed to reach 1.2 million students in the next three years which will boost Singapore’s Smart Nation vision. The students will learn computational thinking skills and this will form the part of Singapore’s rich human resource. Right from the lower primary level to college and polytechnic level will be a part of this program and they will learn how to write code for software, websites and other applications. This will give the student a level of confidence to think of something new and innovate something with applying technology. They will learn to analyse certain problems and prescribe solutions just the way that a computer decodes all problems.

How will this program work?

This program has designed the events and activities keeping in mind the different levels of students it will benefit. Naturally, there cannot be the same level of activities for students belonging to the lower primary level and those who are pursuing a bachelor degree. For the students belonging to lower primary level, they will be equipped Kodu Game Lab Workshops which is a game designing tool. By this, the children can design and develop their own video games. The high school students and those who are in college will compete for the Microsoft Imagine Cup for which they have to develop technology application and a business plan. The winner will be groomed so that he/she can innovate in the field of the Infocomm media. In addition, women are also encouraged through the specialised programs like Women in Technology and DigiGirlz so that they can also participate in the field of technology and Infocomm.

How will it benefit?

Since Singapore is slowly building itself into a Smart Nation, it needs students who are enthusiastic and curious to explore and experiment in the field of technology and science. The Code for Change problem is aiming to develop this skill among the students of all educational and academic backgrounds. This program has been well received among the students because they know that coding is relevant in almost all the professional field which they will pursue in the future. The target is to develop the future youth so that they can take Singapore to the next and the most advanced level of development.

The Coding will enable the student to think out of the box and will aid in their self-assessment and orient themselves to be more innovative and creative. It is not an unknown factor that a technologically sound mind is a potential resource in the field of science and technology. The demand for these young talents will thus increase all across the globe. In addition, the students will also be able to create huge opportunities for themselves in the future.


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