Skillsfuture – continued education and development

With Singapore already at the helm of higher education, it has taken one step further with SkillsFuture. It is a nationwide movement in Singapore to provide each and every Singaporean an opportunity to develop his talents and skills through their various life stages, from students to early career to mid career and beyond. Singapore believes that each person has the potential to grow and further enhance their skills, and continue to contribute and value-add to the country’s economy. The SkillsFuture is one such initiative taken by the country to enhance its human resources.

What is SkillsFuture?

This program promotes lifelong learning, with the following key objectives:

1) Developing an education system which can evolve with the changing demands of the industry and economy.

2) Helping the individuals to choose his/her education and career and keeping him/her up to date with the latest knowledge in their fields.

3) Helping people to choose their career path based on their skills and expertise.

4) Promoting a culture of lifelong learning so that each individual can excel in their field.

In the primary or the schooling year, the students shall learn about a number of education and career options which will help them choose their career after the secondary education. In the undergraduate course, especially polytechnic and ITE courses, they will be exposed to the industry culture through internships. They can participate in the overseas internship through the Young Talent Program. For those who have started work, there are skills based modular courses to go for.

In addition, there are:

a) SkillsFuture Credit program which encourage individual ownership of skill development and lifelong learning program, with a credit of $500 for all Singaporeans aged 25 and above, from 2016.

b) SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Program which train the polytechnic and ITE students with industry-relevant skills through placements/ on the job training so that they can be placed successfully in the job market.

c) SkillsFuture Study Awards, which aims to train the people who are in their mid careers, so that they can deepen or broaden their work skills in growth clusters. This amounts to $5000 for recipients.

d) Skillsfuture mentoship program. This is a centralised pool of mentors that SMEs can tap on for support to put in place initiatives to deepen skills.

From the above , we can clearly see how Singapore Government has ensuring the relevance of the education infrastructure of the country so that every individual can make their own contribution to the country’s economy. 


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