The importance of reading

Now that we are well into the school holidays, have you used this break to catch up with reading all those books that you wanted to, to lose yourself far far away, in the seven kingdoms of Westeros with the Starks, Lannisters, or to find the answers to all those questions you had in your head like how a steam engine works, but was too busy to during the school days?

The importance of reading cannot be over emphasised. With a mobile device in many people’s hands, and text messaging a key way we now communicate with each other, reading of very short lines would be something that we become increasingly used to. Reading however, continues to be very relevant in our day to day lives.

Whilst you may think that practising all those assignment questions is your gym workout for your mind, reading itself also works your brain muscles. Reading on others’ varied opinions, and developing your own after processing them is good training. Very importantly, it gives you confidence when you speak about these topics that you have read extensively about.

Reading allows you to learn about new things, outside of the school curriculum and generally be a more interesting person in conversations. Can you imagine if all that you and your friends knew about were what was learnt at school and nothing else? That would make life so dry! But if you found a curious interest to learn about Egyptian mummies and all the histories behind these, you could share these interesting stories with the people you meet, and make an impression.

It is also a joy to read as the books can bring you to another exciting world altogether. You can be whisked away to Hogwarts School of Wizardry, alongside dear Mr Harry Potter and his 2 good friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, in their adventures, in the Quidditch matches chasing after the golden snitch and in the confrontations with Lord Voldemort.

Reading is undeniably a vital skill in the workplace. There can be numerous reports that you would need to run through in many jobs, and written memos to respond to. Being able to understand the material in all these reports, and putting a structure or framework in your mind in developing your opinion on the material is important in many jobs. Reading widely would also help you in the flow of your writing, as you get more exposure to different styles to cater to different situations.

Its not too late to pick up a book now and get started if you haven’t! Happy holidays!

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