Things to do in the first week at a new school

So its the first week of school… What are three key things that you should take note of, if you are making a fresh start at a new school?

Meet as many people are you can, as it is a time to get to build new friendships with people, both in classes and outside of school activities. Keep an open mind, as some people may take longer to warm up than others but could still make wonderful friends given some time. Don’t be too disappointed if by the end of the week, you have not yet met someone who appreciates a deep discussion on the human evolution or laughs out loud at your wacky jokes.

Go through the “freshers’ fair” and check out what are some of the activities you may be keen to take up outside of your school hours. These could be opportunities to pursue your passions, such as in sports or music, or chances to give back to society. Whatever you decide on, pursuing common goals with your fellow school mates is a great way to bond with others. Be careful though not to put down your name for everything as time management would be key to doing well at school and outside of school.

Timetable and venues – get familiar with your timetable and how to get to the various venues for your classes and activities. This saves you the hassle of having to carry too many unnecessary books around or worse, miss out on the relevant books and materials you need, and saves time to get from place to place.

Have a great 2016 everyone!


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