Warm up brain exercises for school

It’s not all about tuition, tuition and more tuition… and constant repetition of those assessment books and 10-year series of examination papers to get your brain becoming a smooth operator. You also have to “cross-train” your brain to get it to an optimal condition.

Stimulating your brain with new experiences combining various senses would also help your brain to improve its performance, memory, and resistant to effects of ageing. Try these little exercises!

  1. Re-think the routine

Activities that are more routine would lead to decline in brain activity. Stimulate your mind by switching around your daily activities, or even better, do something new, like pick up a musical instrument or lean a new sport! This can refine your hand-eye coordination!

  1. Play some games

Simple games like Sudoku and word games are now easily available on your mobile devices, so you can sneak in a brain workout while travelling to school or back home.

  1. Calculate in your head

Resist the urge to pull out a calculator each time you need to pay for something, and instead do it all in your head and see if you get it right.

  1. Take a cooking class

A cooking class would stimulate many parts of your brain, as it involves so many different senses – smell, touch, sight and taste.

Have fun giving your brain its workout!

brain exercise.jpeg

Credits pic: learningbreakthrough.com


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