How to Be and Stay Motivated to Perform in School

School matters, and it’s up to you to prepare yourself for what lies ahead, once you complete the chapter at the institution you’re studying now. It’s imperative that throughout your years in school, you maintain your motivation, stay ahead amidst the competition and not find yourself falling behind and because it is more difficult to catch up.  Here are five practical tips on how to be and continue to stay motivated to perform in school.

1. Set goals

It all starts with goals. Try asking yourself what you really want in life. Ask yourself too what you want to achieve. Remember to classify your goals into short term and long term. You can do this by writing all your goals in life such as getting a specific improvement (e.g. from B to B+) on your next assessment for a subject. Once you’ve written down your goals, you can identify which ones to prioritise, and are the most important to you (e.g. based on the point system for entry into junior college, which needs to include a humanities subject, it may make sense to improve your best humanities subject from B to A than to improve your Math A1 score from 80 to 90). In order to avoid disappointments, it’s imperative that you also set realistic goals.

2. Good study habits count

Start by coming up with a study schedule. For instance, set aside a specific time to study each subject area you’re taking, where you are free from distraction from your mobile devices. Another is to avoid going out on weekdays especially if you’re preparing for a test or working on a project. Once you have established good study habits, rest assured you’ll get used to it even when you reach college or enroll in graduate school.

3. Use time wisely

You have heard it several times: time is of essence. Indeed, it is which is why you have to use it wisely. For instance, if you are already very strong in algebra but find yourself weaker in trigonometry, conquer your fear, build confidence and improve your grades by setting aside more time to tackle it than to repetitively practice algebra questions.

4. Be active

Just because you want to excel in life doesn’t mean your life will only evolve around academics. On the contrary, you also need to build up social and leadership skills in life, and one way to do so is by joining clubs and other extra-curricular activities. Whilst these may not translate to grade improvements, soft skills in life are also important to your future success in your career.

5. Reward yourself

A good motivation won’t be complete without the presence of rewards. Don’t be so hard on yourself or else you’ll give up from all the pressures long before you reach the finish line. Instead, reward yourself when you have achieved the goals you set.

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