IT trends – what to learn to participate in future technology

It’s no secret that Information Technology – in all of its ever-expanding forms – is the way of the future. Skills learned even a few years ago are becoming obsolete, and new technology innovations are constantly being created. These new innovations require new skill sets, which means that getting the right education is critical to your future. Read on for the latest trends that are likely to have long-range impacts on the IT industry.

Cyber Security

As bigger and more expansive portions of our lives are enhanced or otherwise affected by technology, the risk of cyber crimes goes up. While this is unfortunate, it also indicates a very large current and future job pool for those with the skills to stay one step ahead of the hackers. Programmers and other IT professionals whose skills allow them to make computer systems more secure will continue to be in high demand. If you like the idea of making the (cyber) world a safer place, a career in cyber security may be just the ticket.

Cyber security experts have 2 main options when it comes to employment – private and public sector. Private sector experts typically work for an individual or a small company. They may, for example, take a job with a Fortune 500 company or a family who wants their home’s security system optimized and all their computers and devices protected. Public sector cyber security experts have a broad range of options, such as the government or the police.

Technology and Medicine

The future of medicine is increasingly technology-based. Even today, things we once thought of as science fiction have become everyday realities in leading hospitals around the world, and the potential for future technology-medicine innovations is virtually limitless. 2 of the hottest fields appear to be brain health and nanotechnology.

Relating to technology, the future of brain health will place a strong emphasis on using electrical impulses and other technological factors to stimulate certain parts of the brain, hence reducing the symptoms or even reversing previously “incurable” conditions such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. Sharp minds will be needed to create and implement these technologies.

Nanotechnology is another fast-growing sector of technology and medicine. The most popular current application is to insert a programmed nanoparticle inside a diseased cell, such as a cancer cell, and then triggering the cell’s suicide switch. While the technology is still in the beginning stages, many are calling it a potential cure for many different types of cancer. 

Drone Programmers

While there are a lot of jokes made today about drones, the truth is that they will most likely be a very real part of our everyday lives in a few years time. Their potential is huge and far beyond just dropping bombs and taking pictures. As the functions of drones expand, so will the need for skilled drone programmers. 

As you can see, the future of technology will expand in ways we can’t even think of today. Just look at all the changes that have already become reality! By staying on top of the very latest in IT innovations and choosing a field you’re passionate about, you can secure yourself a reliable future in the ever-expanding world of technology.


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