Some key stresses students face

Do you know that adults are not the only ones who have to deal with stress? Students are also exposed to many different kinds of stresses that prevent them from being productive at home, in school, and in their personal relationships. In addition, these stresses can trigger all kinds of health disorders too such as depression, obesity, and high blood pressure among others.

Below are some of the most common stresses students face.

School stresses

Students are exposed to numerous stresses in school. To start, there are the lessons. Not all students can easily understand their lessons. For example, a student may struggle with algebra. He or she will find it difficult to understand the lessons and when exam day comes, that student will be scared of the possibility that he or she may not pass.  He or she won’t be able to sleep well and even skip meals just to study for the test.

Aside from exams, students are also stressed with their co-curricular activities. Depending on the club, sport, or other student organizations one joins in, stress is present. For instance, there’s football practice. A student will spend his free time especially in the afternoon to practice with his team. There’s the pressure to do better and win, and at the same time manage the pressures from wanting to also do well at schoolwork.

Another common stress of students is having to both juggle homework and projects. Many teachers give homework regularly and this can cause stress among students especially if projects also take up a huge chunk of students’ free time. For example, they are required to conduct a research or write a term paper or essay, or work with a team which requires time to discuss parts and manage the projects. Where many projects come on top of schoolwork, these take much time and effort and can leave students feeling pressures and be affected physically and mentally.

Work stresses

Some students also need to finance their own education or pocket money. They take on part time jobs after school hours or during weekends. Many of these student employees have to deal with very strict bosses, rude customers, and perhaps work overtime. These put additional demands on the students.

Relationship stresses

Students can also be stressed out from their various relationships. For example, having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be stressful especially where one is still young and emotional maturity may not have been achieved. There are also pressures to fit into school and with friends, and deal with various social pressures, whilst trying to understand oneself better and find one’s own path.

It is necessary to find a way to manage all the stresses and to enjoy what life has to offer, and Homework Elves will share with you some tips on how to manage stresses in our next article.


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