How to Manage Stresses at School

Stresses at school go beyond from the usual struggles with projects, assignments, papers, quizzes, and the like. There are times when stress can be caused by other factors too. As a matter of fact, stress can come from personal factors too that can greatly contribute to the overall school performance, health and wellness of a student.

Students encounter many problems especially when they reach high school and college. They have to deal with issues regarding school and aside from these, they also have to tackle problems like gaining more friends, being accepted, fitting in, and improving self-esteem. All these are too much for students to handle and they need all the help they can get.

Fitting In

It is very stressful for students to find ways to fit in. This is especially true if the student is a transferee or has joined a new school. To begin with, you can’t just start school as a new joiner and expect everybody to like you, and some students may already know others from before and have formed groups. Whether you like it or not, there will be people who will make you feel left out.

It’s important for students to fit in with the rest of the class as we are social creatures. You don’t have to go out of the way to please others to be part of a social group. One of the effective strategies to fit in is by joining school activities. For instance, you may enjoy tennis and can join the school’s tennis group, where you can participate in such activity, make other like minded students and this will give you a feeling of belongingness.

Another thing you can do is to get out of your comfort zone. Avoid spending your time alone and try to make friends, and make the first move to get to know others. Oftentimes, people will make you feel welcome.

Being overwhelmed

If you’re an active student, you have more than your studies to worry about. There are extracurricular activities like club meetings, rehearsals, try-outs, game practice and much more that will keep you busy and totally stressed if you do not learn to prioritize and set aside time for each activity. What you can do is to make a list of all the things that needs to be completed in the week, and rank them based on importance. Adjust the schedule you have prepared ahead of time to reflect your priorities if necessary. This way you can put all your attention on the most important and urgent task at hand, and track your progress according to your plan.

Dealing with bullies

There’s nothing more stressful than dealing with bullies. Cyber bullying, in particular has been on the rise with popular use of social media. The cloak of anonymity also embolden people to carry out such bullying online, which can be relentless and also reaches out to a wider audience. Students who are bullied suffer emotional trauma, and there had been studies linking such bullying to school truancy and suicidal thoughts.

Bullying is one of the major problems in schools. In order to combat this and prevent victims from stressing out, a student who’s being bullied must report the incident immediately to proper school authorities like the principal or guidance counsellor. With the harassment law in place in Singapore since 2014, it is also possible to sue perpetrators for civil damages.


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