Learn from these success stories of students

There are students who graduate from high school or college with flying colours. How are they able to do perform so well? What are their secrets that help them reach their goals? Read on and learn from these success stories of these high achievers.

Prepare for exams and study using different methods

Are you fond of cramming for your exam? Do you only study your lesson the night before the big test? If so, you may want to re-consider your strategy. Patrick B shares that studying for a test is not something you reserve to do the night before the exam. In fact, he spends almost all of his time reading the text when studying for test back in high school. On top of that, he also spends time on study notes and uses CD-ROMs that go with his textbooks where he views Power Point presentations and answers short quizzes to test his knowledge. He added that by using different study methods, he is able to comprehend materials better. Patrick also encourages students to participate actively in class, because by asking questions, you learn better and it also helps you to pay attention.

Get organized and stay consistent with your study habits

Study times is a matter of personal preference because they will depend on your mood and availability.  For Ian McCray of Middlebury College of New Jersey, maintaining a slot every day for studying is the key to his success.  Ian was on the track team and played rugby, while being in the band and orchestra. You can pretty much say he has his hands full with co-curricular activities. However, being organized helped him to manage his time and perform well in school. He was so busy to the extent he needed to be organised such that everything (pens, paper) was within easy reach.

Never give up because of failure or hardship

Savita Doke, a 24-year-old student achiever who’s also an MBA graduate said that challenging times are temporary, and you need to push through the challenging times. She comes from a very poor family with two elder sisters and three brothers. Living in cramped quarters did not discourage her to study at all, with her mother working as a scrap-picker and her father selling old clothes. She was not deterred by her environment and instead took up work to support her educational expenses.

To achieve success, it requires time and determination, perseverance, patience, and dedication. Don’t give up, and keep pushing through!


Credits pic: careertipster.com


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