How to manage stress the fun way

Stress is a part of every student’s life. Whether you’re in primary school or university, you are likely to face many situations that will cause you to feel stressed. These include examinations and projects, school activities, and even fitting in with a new crowd or getting involved in a cause. They are just some of the most common stressors that can impact a student’s life as well as his or her overall health and wellness.

So how can students manage stresses in school? Of course there are the usual practices like managing your time wisely and avoiding procrastination. But is there any way for students to manage these stresses effectively the fun way? You bet there are and here are some of them!

Take a breather by traveling

One way to deal with stress is to travel. Being in a new environment and surrounded by different people will make you clear your mind and deviate your attention even for just a few hours or days from whatever is bothering you. You will enhance your natural curiosity and may even learn new things or develop inspiration for projects you’re working on.

If going overseas isn’t possible, you can also travel within the country. Go somewhere you’ve never been before, be around nature and keep an open mind. You’ll find yourself energised and better able to solve your problems.

Pick up a new hobby

Did you know that having a hobby can be extremely rewarding? From arts and crafts like soap making or practising your green finger skills through gardening, there are plenty of hobbies one can choose from. They are an excellent way to manage stresses by indulging in the things you love. You may also get to pick up new skills and make new friends along the way. Go grab your pencil and start drawing or go outside and take some photos using your camera or phone!

Spending time with family and friends

One of the most precious ways you can spend your time is to be in good company of your family and friends. Being social is a huge part of a young person’s life and it can expose you to many fun things you may not usually do on your own. Make it a point to bring new friends to meet your existing group of friends, so that instead of forming closed cliques, your group grows bigger instead.

Many students have trouble dealing with stresses in their lives. The point is they’re part of growing up. It’s how you deal with them that counts – let it make you, not break you.

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