Making the Leap from Studying to Career

Our student days are often considered the best time of a person’s life, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to the chance to choose your field of study, and in some cases, what time you wake up in the morning, schooling offers many young adults an awesome social life and a new level of freedom and independence.

By contrast, a future of nine-to-fivers, mortgage payments, and rush-hour commutes can seem pretty bleak. However, if you use your school time wisely and prepare for the future, post-grad life can start to look pretty sweet. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure that you’re ready for the responsibilities—and amazing opportunities—that await you after graduation.

Start the Job Search Before You Even Start the Job Search

Your professors aren’t just lecturers. Many of them are also accomplished professionals who have been involved in your field for longer than you’ve known it existed. On top of that, most of them love to help.

Build relationships with your professors, and feel free to ask them for advice. Not only will they give you great ideas about how to learn the material, they might know of volunteer opportunities, or even paid work on- or off-campus that will help you start building connections in your field.

Learn How to Manage Your Finances

Many students who are paying their own way through university or polytechnic already have this skill on lock, but it never hurts to take a little refresher. Whether your school fees are paid for by a grant, loan, or a generous parent, it’s good to start learning how to keep track of how much money is coming in, and where it’s all going out.

Draw up a spreadsheet to compare your expected monthly expenses to how much you actually end up spending in a month, and then adjust your spending habits as needed. Once you graduate, you might find yourself scrambling to stay on top of student loan payments,  parents’ allowances and other bills, while simultaneously saving up for your dream vacation to Europe. Knowing how to make a budget, and especially how to stick to it, can make all the difference in how soon you’ll make it to Paris!

Know the Value of Collaborating

It’s an unfortunately true stereotype that many group projects have one or two members who does almost all the work, and one member who does almost no work. In school, it’s possible to ride the waves of your group mates’ effort and receive the same grade. In a professional setting, this same tactic might have you scrambling for a new job before you know it. Group work is an opportunity for diverse minds to come together, and produce something that is greater than what anyone could have produced alone. Practice getting into this mindset now, because it could make a huge difference in your post-grad life.

Your professional life isn’t just about making money—it’s also an exciting chance to put all of the skills you’ve learned in school to use in real-world situations. With the right attitude and a few extracurricular skills, life after graduation starts to look less like endless drudgery, and more like a never-ending ladder of opportunity.


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