Is your teacher your champion?

Our world has heard of countless stories of students lives being changed by teachers. As the saying goes, “every kid needs a champion”. Is your teacher your champion? Is there any need to talk to your teacher outside the classroom and beyond school work? Here are some reasons you could consider to

1. Educate yourself from one of the best

Did you know your teacher could be a top performer during his schooling days? Or that your lecturer could be a well renown and highly respected professional in his field?

Teachers and lecturers are probably one of the only adult “friends” you have in secondary school, and maybe even in JC or University. This makes them one of the best people to learn and consult from during the stage of your life, where you’re choosing study subjects that would potentially impact your career choice.

Have a chat with them about your ambitions, the global market outlook, career preferences and how your strengths can be a good fit for your future plans. There are even Education and Career Guidance counsellors available at ITEs, Polytechnics and JCs to guide you in your journey.

2. Be Inspired

Oprah Winfrey has credited her forth grade teacher as being instrumental in her success later on in life. She says, “I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my forth grade teacher”.

Like her, many successful professionals have cited a particular teacher as the catalyst to their achievement and glory. Talk to teachers who are passionate about their work as an educator, you never know who would be your greatest inspiration.

3.  Learn about Management skills

If your ambition is to be in a leadership role one day, it would be beneficial for you to pick up management skills from your teachers. They not only manage large number of students, they also have to be excellent at time management (planning lessons, teaching, marking, extra curriculum activities). These are important personal skills that would help you excel in your further studies and work.

An extraordinary teacher can change the course of a student’s life.


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