Three life lessons to learn from successful people

People often only see successes and jump to the conclusion that great people were born great. They think that celebrities and successful people were special from the start and blessed with a lot of luck. Often, the public do not see the bumpy road that they’ve gone through to reach to where they are.

  1. Success accompanies hard work

There is no magic trick for achieving success. You will need to work on improving yourself for months, years and even decades. While “working smart” and “being talented” is a lot sexier, it cannot fully substitute pure hard work.

In our talks with successful people in their chosen field, one common expression was how hard they worked in building up their reputation, portfolio and gaining experience. Hard work is a marathon, not a sprint. Hard work means sacrifice, in order to gain something more important.

So, everything depends on your goal, where you want to go and what you want to become. Like riding a bicycle, you’ve got to keep looking ahead and your actions will bring you there.

2. Stick to your beliefs and be confident

Great people never give up. Walt Disney was fired from his job because his editor thought he lacked imagination and good ideas. Your value does not decrease because of somebody’s inability to see your worth. Your ideas may not be appreciated because one person did not find it good. Try sharing your ideas with more people, you may eventually find the right person who share your dreams and can aid you to fulfil it.

Stay focused on your goal and work your way up till you reach the glory. It may even mean going against the traditional way of doing things. Always bear in mind that you cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results.

3. Be ready to fail – even more than once

There is no easy way to becoming extraordinary. You have to work your way up to your goal slowly and steadily. The road is long and harsh and it may cause you to stumble many times. Expect the unexpected and act accordingly. Many great people have gone through similar experiences and did not reach their stage of success overnight.

“The only people who have never failed, are those that have never tried.”


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