The Art of Traveling

Meet a millennial and one thing you’d expect from them is to list travelling as one of their greatest joys. While those in the older generation would think of traveling as “holidays” and “luxury items” you should splurge on only after you’ve amassed your retirement savings, those in the new generation regard it as a fundamental experience no different from going to school.

Here’s why, travelling isn’t just sitting in a sardine can for 10 hours to reach your destination and go about a life similar to what you have at home. What the young ones are looking for is a different experience that enhances their lives. It would be enriching to travel even while you’re a student, if time, finances and your courage permits!

Learn to be patient & Expect the unexpected

Natural disasters causing plane delays, waiting for the bus that never comes, hitch-hiking on the most ulu road ever.. These are some of the unexpected situations that may happen to us while overseas. Often, we get caught unprepared as these are not things we come across in Singapore.

It causes us stress and worry, we imagine the worst case scenario and start wondering why we even spent money to arrive in a foreign land to get into distress. This is when the patience in us, the gan-cheong spider, gets tested. This is also when we learn to be patient and many things will work out fine – someone will come to our rescue, the bus eventually turns up and the plane finally takes off.

We heave a sigh of relieve and when we look back, wonder why we were ever worried in the first place. Similarly, you may be faced with situations where your whole class seems to understand a topic well, while you remain clueless. It may cause you to panic and you try to catch up by giving yourself a shorter time to grasp the concepts.

Remember, your studies is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are unable to keep up in class, slow down. Return to the first chapter and learn it all over again. Yes you may lag behind others a little while more, but your patience will eventually pay off. Build your foundation well and you’ll realise that the next chapters get easier. The unexpected is always going to happen, break down your problems so that a solution can be found and tackle it bit by bit. Staying stressed, worried or panicky won’t make you wiser!

Be creative & Think out of the box

If you’re backpacking across South America, you will be carrying at least 15kg (only, if you’re lucky to go in summer!) on your back. You would want to make sure that everything in there has a use, or two and maybe even three uses! This is when your creative spirit kicks in and you need to make the impossible possible.

Did you know your dental floss can not only keep your teeth clean, but also function as a clothes line for light items like socks and undies? In a desperate situation, you might even be able to triple its function as a thread replacement to sew up the tears in your jeans. If you’re hiking out in the forest, don’t bother bringing a pillow for the night. Roll your clothes into your sleeping bag cover and it’ll give your neck the perfect support as well!

Coming to your studies, be equally creative. Don’t give excuses like a boring teacher caused you to be uninterested in the subject. You did not think of not going South America because of that heavy backpack didn’t you? =P Find ways to make learning fun again, your education is your responsibility.



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