Your senior, Your teacher

There has been a vast change in the education system in the recent years. Many countries come to realize that the past models of educating students are no longer sufficient to prepare them for the workforce of the future. With many new methods such as online learning, customized curriculum and an added focus on hands-on skills, there is one “old-school” method of teaching that has been neglected – getting older students to tutor and mentor younger students.

Incorporating this into a student’s learning would be beneficial to both the tutor and tutee. What would make this system work, is to have an agency or school to facilitate the matching and assessment of needs.

  • Figuring out what style of learning is suited for each student
  • What are the strengths and needs of each student
  • How well does the student score in other subjects – Is the student in a class which learning pace is too fast or is there an underlying learning disability? Or is the student’s foundation in a certain subject too weak for advanced learning?
  • Making a decision on which tutor’s ability and attitude is best able to connect and complement the student’s

Such a model was common in the past when school resources were much more limited and it is time to re-explore the benefit of it. Older and younger students are much more similar in ages and tend to be able to connect better in terms of personalities. At the same time, the older student would have just been through the curriculum recently and may even have had problems learning themselves! This would put them in a better position to teach the younger students how to overcome the problems they face when learning. For the seniors, such a model would greatly allow them to gain coaching and mentoring skills. There are plenty of them who go on to become teachers themselves when they grow up.

As with any other teaching, it is important to keep it fun and engaging. Interactive lessons can be held with the use of technology like videos and apps. The simple rule of “what gets measured gets done” would also be applicable in this situation. Keeping track of student’s progress would be essential to monitor the usefulness of the teaching methods and style. In the spirit of passing it on, I’d hope that the students receiving such benefit go on to train their juniors in the future too.

Your senior, Your teacher

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