Parents role in education

With shrinking family sizes and higher education of parents today, parental involvement in their children’s education is much stronger than before. Any form of involvement with school-based activities, classroom learning, homework, and parent clubs are often well-explored options.

Increasingly, parents have to choose between more options for the education of their children then ever before. Starting with schools, some parents opt for home schooling, while majority go with MOE schools. Then there are those who choose to send their children to international schools locally.

Choosing schools is not the only major involvement parents should have in their children’s education. Schools mostly focus on academic achievements, while also instilling in students discipline and morals. However, schools tend to instil these through a “punishment” mode. Such as facing detention when one is late, canning or even expelling students for more severe offences etc.

This is needed as a school has large numbers of students and offences that go unpunished may lead to others replicating the same habits. However, the young cannot be brought up to only do good when there are rewards, and avoid doing bad when there are punishments in place. As the saying goes “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching”. Young people should be brought up as such and parents are in the best position to pass on such teachings.

Lead by example – There is no need to sit down for an hour each day and go through a “Civics and Moral Education” with your child. The best way to impart value is to lead by example in what you practice each day and stay constant even in difficult situations.

Partnering schools by participating in parent groups which may influence school policy development is another way of getting involved. If that would take up too much time, at least make sure to attend the parent-teacher meetings to keep updated about your child’s progress. A teacher may be in charge of at least 40 pupils at any one time, knowing that you will turn up for the meeting would at least require them to track your child’s behaviour and performance. It would also be timely to use the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have regarding your child, instead of waiting for the year end results.

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