The Future of Jobs

Change is the only constant – and that can be a scary thought. The jobs of yesterday and today may not be the jobs of tomorrow. A good example of this is in the world of journalism, where jobs have been lost and many more have been combined in other ways. Newspapers are increasingly ridding themselves of the presses, allowing for a centralized press far away. The silver lining is that new jobs in the digital realm have begun to pop up in that industry – and they tend to pay more too.

So what is the future of jobs? What can you expect if you are still studying or new to the job market? Be prepared that your first career may not be your future career. Your job role may no longer exist or is drastically different in 10 years’ time. The good news is that you can plan ahead and change your career path along the way.

Understanding the future can put you ahead of the pack when it comes getting the job, the career and the salary that you want.

While the elves don’t have a crystal ball to tell you the exact careers to go into, the following might be some points you wish to consider

  1. Automation is the “in-thing”. Jobs are concentrated in countries that have the infrastructure, safety and human capital to enable countries to flourish. A country that does well tends to lead to manpower shortage in very manual labour. Although there are plenty of workers in the world that would take up such jobs cheaply, restrictions are usually imposed to control migration. Companies would then turn to automation to solve their labour woes. In such cases, you would do well to be in a sector where work is difficult to automate. You would not want to compete against the price of robots, which are getting cheaper by the day.
  2. Be the boss of robots and AI. All these new inventions need people to invent, manage and repair. As such, be open to working with these new technologies. Being a “Manager” in future may not mean managing 20 human staff, it may mean managing 200 robots.
  3. Always strive to be of value to others. The salary you command is never based on your qualification or number of years working. It is based on the value you can bring. Think of your company as your personal client. What value are you bringing to your client today?
  4. Quit that entitlement mentality. No one owes you a living – not your boss, your country or your parents. Everyone face difficult times at work. “Overnight successes” are rarely done overnight, Pokemon Go whose popularity exploded overnight was a result of more than 20 years of hard work

The future always has some uncertainties. It is akin to hiking in the woods, you won’t really know what lies ahead, but advance planning and being prepared can take you a long way.

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Future of Jobs

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