Getting Used To University Life

It is one of the biggest and most important moments in your life. Some of you may have moved away from home and into university dorms. It is a time of self-discovery, but also a time of worry. How are you going to get used to university life, and what can you do to make it easier on you?

The Homework elves hope to share some tips to help you get used to university life.

First, don’t be afraid to expect a lot, but also expect that the unexpected is going to happen. No matter what you hear from others about university, your experience is going to be different. Go into university with your mind open, be ready to try new things and move out of your comfort zone. Most people typically enter university in their 20s, and it is at that age where you are mature enough to know right and wrong, while also pushing and exploring beyond the boundaries set in your younger years.

Always remember that the university experience is going to be special to you and your story is only one for you to write. While it may be nice to read about the adventures of others, don’t get too caught up with achieving a “check list of experiences”. It is best for your life story to remain uniquely yours and not a copy-paste of someone else’s.

Secondly, a university is a big big place. While the downside is that you probably have more slopes to walk and often get lost in your first few days, these are minute compared to the opportunities available. With a bigger population of students, there is a lot more interest groups to choose from – Investing, Photography, Diving clubs. Beyond your course mates, it is a good time to develop your network in interest groups too. Take the opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and join a Toastmasters group and take up the challenge of public speaking. You will find that people judge your performance with the intention to help you improve – not to bring you down – which is something not so easily found outside of school.

Lastly, make it a point not to be the same person at the end of university as you were at the beginning – to be clear, I mean make yourself better. It is a time to explore your interests and grow your network in a friendly environment. Cliques are much less common in university then pre-U, so there is less pressure to conform to what a group thinks. No one expects you to be just one thing, so let yourself change and grow.

Homework Elves is an online platform that allows students to get academic help on the go. It is open to university students to join as “tutors” or “students”, depending on whether you want to ask or answer questions. Join us today at



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