Education Utopia

This article was first published in “The Global Edge” and copyright belongs to them. To read the full article please click here


This reads like utopia in lifelong learning? Probably not, if we fast forward 10 to 15 years from now.

In the last 20 years, advancements in digital technology have practically impacted every aspect of how we live, communicate and work, and dramatically changed our lives beyond our wildest imagination. Similarly, over the next 20 years or maybe much less, the way we learn and teach will also be radically transformed beyond what we know today.

The changes in the higher education sector will be reflective of how industries such as music, entertainment and news have been changed by technology. These changes are unstoppable and will continue to gain momentum in bringing about a paradigm shift that will liberalise higher education and revolutionise the way we understand and acquire knowledge. The fact that many well-known institutions such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford are already making some of their courses freely available online on Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) signifies a move in this direction.

Just as how digital technology has impacted the recording, production and marketing of music in a revolutionary way, so will it change the way knowledge is created and produced, and how it is packaged and delivered. Given how digital technology has stood many industries on their heads today, it is not difficult to imagine that higher education in the future will be a totally different kind of experience: it will not only be richer, more accessible and more personalised; it will also be in the full control of the individual, and hence more useful and meaningful to him at whatever life stage he is at.



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