In need of a shot of energy?

Ever had a day where you feel like your energy has been sapped out of you, that nothing could possibly get you all excited? That all you want to do is continue to lay in bed and not get up? In spite of all the self encouragement to “Get up and get rolling”, you still feel like a flat out battery? How do you kick start yourself all over again?

You may have to ask a first fundamental question – are you enjoying what you are doing? It is hard to sustain your interests, when you are doing what you do not enjoy. However, not all is bleak – it could be an issue around HOW you are doing what you are doing, rather than the “what itself”. For instance, if you find it a chore to do your Mathematics examination review, have you been doing too much memorisation of the topic rather than understanding the logic behind the steps and methods of solving the problems? Also, do you understand the application for the methods that you are using? Understanding how something works and the purpose of the material would make learning more enjoyable. Take a curious approach to learning and keep asking why.

Are you feeling down because of a negative situation in your life? Perhaps you did not do so well in a preparatory test, or had an argument with your mom that keeps replaying in your head and cause you to be unable to focus on anything else. Think about what are the things that make you happy – going to a movie with friends, going for a walk in the nature park and let your mind calm and re-focus on other happier thoughts. Happiness will also improve your productivity and rev your energy levels back up!

Have you set your goals? It is essential that you know what you are working towards, to maintain your focus. You should also have check points along the way to make sure you are on track. These guide posts will help you to chug along the way, as each milestone you cross will bring you closer to that end goal you desire!

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