School holidays – what now?

School’s out! School holidays is finally here!

Now that you have much more free time in this November/ December vacation period, what do you plan to do with all these free time? While it is tempting to spend time in the warm comforts of your bed, engage in social media and play games, when you look back next year, would you feel that “Man! I wish I had done this and that!”? Why not come up with a plan to do all those things that you wanted, when you had to spend your hours at school?

Sports training

Wished you had more time to really train up for that sport you like, be it swimming, football or tennis or something else, and could not put in as much time? Now is a great chance, to engage a coach to brush up on your weaker areas, develop your physical strength and techniques and get better at your game in 2017.

Travel and see a new country

If you had some spare cash, and would like to learn more about another country’s culture, way of life and experience their food, its a time to jet away and build up on your experience. You would get to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, architecture, musuems, and many things more!

Music classes

Dreaming of being the next Guns N’ Roses? Sling on your guitar, and put in some more hours of guitar licks practice and keep going at it. Watch some Youtube videos to get tips, or engage a teacher if you need some technical help, and sing and strum away!

Research your interests

Maybe there is a topic you wanted to understand more on, that is outside of your school curriculum? Now is the time to head to the library and get more books to read on this, or get some material online and study them. There are so many online forums these days as well, that you could discuss the topics you are passionate about with like minded people.

Keep on learning!

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