Short getaway for the September school holidays

Planning a short getaway for the September school holidays, to re-charge before the final year examinations? Besides Sentosa island in Singapore itself, with its many fun activities, just across the causeway to Malaysia, there are many different offerings just a road trip away as well.

While most of us are very familiar with going to Johor for a day, to get some grocery shopping done, a haircut, and a massage or nail spa, or much further away in Kuala Lumpur for a shopping getaway, there are also nature activities you can get away to in Malaysia.

1. Desaru

Here at Desaru, you can visit a couple of farms. There is the fruit farm, where you can see tropical fruit trees, and also purchase fresh fruit on the farm. You can also visit the ostrich farm, see the huge ostrich egg and also taste some ostrich omelette or satays while there.

Close by at Kota Tinggi, you can take a hike in the Gunung Panti hills, which will take you about 4-5 hours. You can also go see the waterfalls, and enjoy a night cruise to see fireflies.

Fruit farm.jpg

2. Cameron Highlands

As the name suggests, being on highlands means getting to enjoy not just cleaner air, but also get away from the hot weather in Singapore. There are many plantations to visit up on Cameron Highlands. You can go see the strawberry plantations, and pluck some to eat. There are also bee farms to visit, and also tea plantations. Enjoy a nice cuppa hot tea at the plantation, and maybe have a relaxing game of chess while enjoying the scenery.

Tea plantation.jpg

Here on Cameron Highlands, there is also an unusual type of steamboat, that you can tuck into. Its the pipe steamboat, where the charcoal to heat up the pot is in the pipe rather than the base. Seafood is surprisingly cheap and fresh even up the highlands, so enjoy yourself.

Pipe steamboat.jpg

3. Tioman

For those seeking some underwater sea adventure, you can drive up to Mersing catch a ferry across to Tioman island. With its many resorts, you can relax at the beach, go diving or get your dive license, or go on a fishing trip.


Enjoy your September holidays, and remember to get your car maintained or carry out some simple car checking before embarking on your long drive across, for a hassle free holiday!


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