Revving up for the year end examinations

With the onset of the final year examinations, some may be tempted to use the upcoming 1 week September vacation to cramp in more studying. For those looking to optimise your cognitive functions, you may choose a different approach.

There are many factors which are said to have an influence on your cognitive capabilities. Here, we have a list of 5 to-dos, to rev up the cognitive powers to prepare for the year end examinations.

1. Do something new

Always wanted to try your hand at playing guitar, or canvas painting? Just like doing different types of exercises allows you to train up different muscle groups, doing different types of activities is like cross training for your brain, allowing different parts of the brain to work out.

2. Eat the right foods

The brain needs proper nutrition to function at its best. Foods which contain Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, as well as complex carbohydrates are essential for proper brain functioning. It does not mean that everything else is not essential, of course. A balanced diet, with enough of the other vitamins, minerals, fibres would aid you in maintaining general good health and good condition for your examinations.

3. Get enough sleep

Whilst studies show that people may need different amounts of sleep to operate normally, and this may bring the question of what is enough, you can gauge this for yourself in many ways. Are you responding at your optimal level, or are your responses more lagged than usual? Have your responses playing your favourite games dipped? Are you more prone to dropping things? Observe yourself and you can estimate what is the amount of sleep you need.

4. Allow yourself quiet time

Taking a walk in nature, or taking time to meditate allows your mind to come to a calm, reducing your stress levels. Meditation has also be found to help people improve their concentration. So taking that time out to meditate can actually turn out to improve the effectiveness of your revisions, when you can focus better.

5. Understand yourself

There are some hours where you may find yourself better able to focus than others. By planning your day’s activities schedule and revising more during these hours, you may find the effort of revisions being cut down.

Upcoming examinations preparation


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