Chip in Together for a Sustainable Environment

With the large increases in human population numbers over the recent decades, sustainability has unsurprisingly become an issue. From around 2 billion in the 1920s to more than 7 billion today, the amount of resources we need from mother earth has jumped by leaps and bounds. There are many simple ways we can all chip in for a more sustainable environment.

Play your part in your homes by cutting unnecessary usage of electricity. Simply turn off the lights and fans whenever you have left a room. If you find the air conditioning too cold and need to layer on more clothing, you may also wish to simply raise the temperature settings. This also helps reduce the laundry load.

Rather than purchasing bottled water, you can bring along a filled and reusable bottle of water when you head out. This cuts the use of plastic. If you need to purchase a bottle, do look out for the recycle bins to drop the used bottle in. Recycle as much as possible! If you have used plastic containers at home, cans from drinks and more, look out for a nearby recycling bin point to drop them in.

In addition to saving the environment, you can also support charitable causes by contributing your old items for re-sale or re-use. The Salvation Army, for instance, accepts your pre-loved items and puts them up for sale at their thrift stores.

Only order what you are able to finish eating. This way, not only is disposed food reduced; at the same time, you can save up the money for other things that you like. For a one off meal, the savings may look insignificant, but $10 saved for each meal, for 10 meals a month works out to $100 and that is already $1,200 for a year. With that much money saved, you can even use it for a vacation.

Instead of throwing aways items that have broken down, you can also repair them for continued use. Some commonly reparable items include your electronics like air conditioning. Do you know that you can even get your furniture repaired, and luggage repaired? That way, you can also keep with you items that you have built memories with, be it home pieces you adore or bags that have accompanied you on your many beautiful vacations.

Play your part and chip in together, to create a more sustainable environment.

Sustainable living


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