Initiating fun activities at home while bonding with your kids

Kids are definitely acting way older than their age nowadays. Why not inspire a change and turn your laundry session into a fun bonding experience with them? Bring out their innate abilities to develop their skills, cultivate their sense of responsibility – all while making chores fun for them!

Parents, take note of these 3 conditions prior to challenging your kids to laundry championship.

  1. Ensure that the laundry area is child-friendly. Clear all heavy shelves and make sure that the area is organized, so you need not worry about your kids tripping.
  2. Engage your little ones with safe tasks. Educate them beforehand on the dos and don’ts. This helps cultivate healthy habits for them.
  3. Monitor their accomplishment, until you know they are confident to be on their own.

Of course, every child has different capabilities with handling task. Here is a guideline which you could engage your fabulous little ones on what they can do at different stages.

Fun with laundry with your kids

Begin with the age of 3

  • Play identifying colours to keep them interested. Ask questions where to place soiled laundry, and perhaps begin with picking easy items like socks or handkerchief.

Age 4-5

  • Encourage them to put away their soil clothing into a designated bin every time they remove their clothes. Let them place their clothes into the washing machine.
  • Task them with soiled laundry collection at home and place them into the correct laundry bin.
  • Practice with them the habit of clearing pockets.
  • Motivate them to hang their own towels after shower.

Age 6-7

  • Share with them on the proper load size, and avoid over-loading and damaging the machine.
  • Show them how to put away their fresh clothing in the correct drawers.
  • Extend their knowledge by learning to hang up fresh hand towels at home.
  • Demonstrate how to fold basic items, starting with simple towels or wash cloths.
  • Prompt them to put folded towels and then fresh clothing in their closet.
  • Encourage them to sort family member’s soiled clothes by colours and white laundry.


Age 8-9

(Depending on the model of your washing machine)

  • Show them how to turn on or stop the washing machine.
  • Show them the correct place to pour the detergent and how much to use it.
  • Share with them how to categories materials which should be washed in the same load.
  • Teach them what buttons to press and the most often used function for your wash load.
  • Avoid overloading the children with too many instructions on how to operate washing machine functions.

Age 10-11

  • Explain the complete machine functions and when to use them when they are ready.
  • Use coloured stickers if you notice that they have difficulties remembering.
  • Go through with them several times till you are assured that they can be left on their own.
  • Introduce items which should go into the mesh net laundry bag and identify which materials are required for handwashing.
  • Explain why coloured and white clothing should be separated.
  • Familiarise them with all the settings for different materials and wash load.
  • Go through with them the process again in case they are still unsure

Age 12-13

By this stage, your kid should be ready to complete the full laundry cycle. Here is a checklist for reference.

  • Learn how to fold all fresh laundry properly.
  • Learn the different settings and wash load on laundry maintenance.
  • Cultivate the habit of emptying the lint catcher
  • Able to fold all clothes and put away fresh clothing into the closet.



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